2009 CEANA Convention Communique

2009 CEANA Convention Communique

The 16th Annual CEANA Convention took place in Atlanta Georgia, at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel Atlanta Airport from September 2nd to Sept 6th 2009. The theme for this year’s Convention was “Tertiary Education in Eweland – Focusing on support for Evangelical Presbyterian University and Equipping Secondary Schools with Digital Library”.

Mr. Samuel Sapari, the President of CEANA and Ms. Ivy Quarshie, Executive Director welcomed and commended the efforts of the delegates in coming to the convention in spite of the current economic climate. They observed that the success of the convention is a testament or a reflection of their continuous commitment, dedication and love for Eweland. They also expressed their gratitude to the planning committee in Atlanta for assisting in organizing the convention.

The Executive Director acknowledged the presence of the following distinguished guests: Keynote Speaker, Honorable Joseph Amenowode – Volta Regional Minister, Dr. PadmoreAgbemabiese of Ohio State University, featured speaker, Honorable Elvis Ankrah, Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development and five visiting Members of Parliament: Honorable LasseyAgbenyefia, Honorable Emmanuel Bedzrah, Honorable Albert Zigah, Honorable Emmanuel Didieye and District Chief Executive of Kpando District, Francis Ganyaglo. In brief statements by each one of them, they commended CEANA for its good works and urged delegates to assist in the development of their respective towns and villages.

Dr. PadmoreAgbemabiese in his presentation provided a compelling rationale for establishing a university in the Volta Region. He also inspired the delegates with proverbs, intriguing talks of wisdom and lessons learned from his grandmother. The Speech is available on CEANA’s site at (www.ceanonline.org) The evening banquet provided a unique opportunity to showcase Ewe culture to the world. This well attended formal event further reinforced the theme hitherto prevailing in the mouths of all who were there. The Honorable Joseph Amenowode, the Volta Regional Minister in his the keynote speech, highlighted some of the opportunities that exist in the Volta Region and urged delegates to invite investors to take advantage of these opportunities. He congratulated and encouraged CEANA for its perseverance and consistency despite the numerous setbacks that it faced. He thanked CEANA for its collaboration with APEEDEC in putting up a 3unit classroom block for junior secondary school in the Kpando district.

A special fundraising in aid of CEANA projects was launched by Dr. PadmoreAgbemabiese. Ably supported by Mr. KoblaAgbanyo, new star club members were inducted and Mr. Edwin Agbonyitor of Volta Club, Washington, D.C assumed the office of CEANA president. In his acceptance speech, he thanked members for the honor bestowed on him and pledged to work with the Secretariat and COR in order to move CEANA’s agenda forward.

On Sunday, September 6th, members attended a non-denominational church service. In the afternoon, delegates gathered at the Grant Park near the Atlanta Zoo for a picnic. The culinary skills of our women were on full display as there was no shortage of food at the park. On the following day, all delegates returned to their various destinations across North America, Canada, Ghana and Europe with a renewed sense of unity, friendship, collaboration and better insight into the obstacles to growth and the need for tertiary education in Eweland. At the end of their deliberations, Council of Representatives (COR) made the following decisions for the 2009-2010 financial years.


  1. COR agreed to continue with the Sovie project and bring it to completion.
  2. Six new scholarships for the year 2010 were awarded to deserving students.
  3. To complete shipment of the eGranary and digital library to Volta Region by the end of the year.
  4. To Elect new officers for the CEANA secretariat
  5. Volta Club, Washington, DC will host the 17th annual CEANA convention in 2010.
  6. Associations to host subsequent conventions over a period of years were selected.

The current President of CEANA, Mr. Edwin Agbonyitor, COR and the Secretariat are very grateful to all delegates and friends of CEANA for making the Atlanta convention a successful one. Special thanks also go to those associations and individuals who advertised in our journal.

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