2010 CEANA Convention Communique

2010 CEANA Convention Communique

The 17th annual Council of Ewe Associations of North America (CEANA) convention took place in Washingon DC from September 3 – 5, 2010 at the McLean Tyson’s Corner Hilton Hotel just outside of the Nation’s Capital. The theme for this year’s culturally filled Convention was “Employing Education and Business Investment as Instruments for Developing Eweland.

The program started on Friday, September 3, 2010 with the meeting of the Council of Representatives (COR) which was presided over by Mr. Edwin K. Agbonyitor, the President of CEANA and Ms. Rose Ivy Quarshie, Executive Director.

The new executive officers of the CEANA Secretariat to be hosted by the Volta Association of Washington, DC were confirmed at the COR meeting. The Executive Officers are Mr. William Adzimahe, Executive Director; Ms. Irene Alo, Deputy Executive Director; Ms. Doris Wurah, General Secretary; Mr. Chris Nuworsoo, Public Relations Officer; Mr. Derrick BismarkAdrigbatey, Treasurer; and Mr. Johnson Awumah, Financial Secretary. The swearing ceremony of these officers was conducted by Rev. Kennedy Odzafi. Mr. William Adzimahe, the new Executive Director pledged full cooperation and respectable working relationship between the Secretariat and the Council of Representatives.

The first day’s deliberations ended with a spectacular fashion show presented by the youths of the Volta Association, with support from others including the various fashion designers.

The Saturday morning general meeting was well attended with presentations by Mr. Derick Glymin, Dr. Anthony Wutor, Dr. PadmoreAgbemebiase, and the Volta Regional Deputy Minister Hon. Col Cyril Necku (rtd). Honorable Albert Zigah, M.P. for Ketu South, and Hon. Dr. Bernard Kwasi Glover, member of the Council of State of the Republic of Ghana.

All the speakers commended CEANA for its continued efforts and dedication in assisting in youth education in Eweland through the CEANA Scholarship program. They also encouraged CEANA to team up with other investors to start investing in Ghana. The Saturday evening gala offered an opportunity to display the rich culture from Eweland. Various chiefs and dignitaries graced the occasion. The Ghana Ambassador to the United States, His Excellency Daniel Ohene Agyekum, was in attendance as a guest of honor at the banquet. H.E. Ohene Agyekum seized the opportunity to remind CEANA of the fact that “there is Unity in Diversity.” The Ambassador pleaded that African parents should be encouraged to speak languages from their respective countries of origin to their children.

The Keynote address was delivered by Hon. Dr. Bernard Kwasi Glover. He commended efforts made by Ghanaians in the Diaspora to assist and support the families back home. He highlighted on current opportunities existing in the Volta Region and urge delegates to take advantage of the opportunities and invest in Oil business in the Delta basin.

A special fundraising in aid of CEANA projects was launched by Mr. William Adzimahe, the incoming CEANA Executive Director. New CEANA Star members were inducted. Mr. KuesiAmegah-Wovoe, President of the Ewe-Canadian Cultural Organization of Ontario, assumed the CEANA presidency for the year 2010 to 2011. In his acceptance speech, Mr. KuesiAmegah-Wovoe thanked members for the honor bestowed on him and pledged to work with the Secretariat and COR in order to move CEANA’s agenda forward. There were approximately 500 attendees at the dinner banquet.

On Sunday, September 5, convention participants attended a non-denominational church service. In the afternoon about 800 to 1000 Convention delegates and other friends of CEANA gathered at the Bohrer Park, in Gaithersburg Maryland for a Picnic and Health Fair. On Monday, September 6, all delegates and convention participants and our special guests were on their way back to their various destinations across North America, Ghana and Europe.

The following are the decisions taken during the convention and are to be implemented during the 2010 -2011 fiscal year;

Move the Tanyigbe Anyigbe Classroom Block Project to the top of CEANA Projects List The dedication of the completed 3 – Classroom Block at Sovie (Volta Region), a joint venture between CEANA and APEDEEC would come on shortly.

Nine (9) new scholarships to be awarded to deserving students for the year 2011 academic year of which 5 awarded directly by CEANA; 4 private sponsors to be administered through CEANA Scholarship Program. The four (4) private sponsors are: Hon. Dr. Bernard Glover, Hon. Col. Cyril Necku, TogbuiKwakuYador, and Mr. Sammy Yador.

Relocation of the CEANA Secretariat from New York to Washington, DC to be hosted by the Volta Association of Washington, DC. Ewe-Canadian Cultural Organization of Ontario, Canada (ECCOO) to host the 18th Annual CEANA convention in 2011. Please visit www.ceanaonline.org to start making your hotel reservations.

The current President of CEANA, Mr. KuesiAmegah-Wovoe, members of the Council of Representatives (COR), and the Secretariat are very grateful to all delegates and convention attendees and friends of CEANA for making the Washington, DC convention a success. Special thanks go to all Businesses, Associations, Organizations, and individuals who advertised in the program brochure.

Appreciation goes to all members of the Volta Association of Washington, DC , Mrs. Margaret Korto for her presentation, and her health team’s participation in the picnic. A special thanks to the Pastors and the members of their congregations, as well as all those who contributed in diverse ways to make this year’s convention a success.

For more on the convention go to; http://www.3gmediaonline.com/?p=5750, images of the CEANA convention was courtesy of www.3gmediaonline.com

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