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CEANA is a non-profit organization that provides advocacy and leadership towards the socioeconomic and cultural development of Eweland.


Mission Priorities

  1. Facilitate collaboration and networking among Ewes in North America (USA &Canada).
  2. Assist deprived communities through the facilitation of projects that target poverty alleviation, e.g. schools, health facilities, and potable water facilities.
  3. Provide educational assistance to deserving students to enhance their opportunities for career and leadership development.
  4. Promote small-scale entrepreneurship in rural communities of Eweland.


Core Values

  1. Integrity: CEANA places honesty and civility at the center of all of its policies and operations.
  2. Excellence:CEANA provides support of the highest quality to its member associations.
  3. Leadership:CEANA promotes the development of dedicated community leaders and seeks to create opportunities for the youth to assume leadership positions.
  4. Commitment:CEANA encourages dedication to its founding principles to achieve the development of Eweland.
  5. Connectedness:CEANA fosters a sense of community and responsiveness that supports the ability of its memberships to network locally, nationally, and internationally, to learn from each other, and to leverage their resources for the socioeconomic and cultural development of Eweland.