CEANA 2023 Convention Communique

CEANA 2023 Convention Communique

The Council of Ewe Associations of North America (CEANA) has raised $160,000 to complete a 3- Junior Secondary School (JSS) Classroom Block at Peki-Dzake, a kindergarten building at Dodome-Awiasu and a Computer Library in the Greater Kloto area in Togo.

The funds were raised at the group’s 30th Annual Convention at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel in the United States of America.

The event which was held from August 31st to September 3rd, 2023, was under the theme, “Empowering our Youth towards Innovative Entrepreneurship in Transformational Agriculture”.
The Convention was hosted by the Ewe Association of Georgia (EWAGA) under the presidency of Dr. Kojo Akabua and was attended by Members of all the twenty (20) constituent Associations of CEANA, including members of the newly admitted Ewe United Association of Arizona.

The event was chaired by Togbe Nutefeworla I of Awudome, the Rt. Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, the Speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Ghana.

Speaking to members of the convention, the Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament, Rt. Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin echoed the theme of the Convention adding that Africa must do everything possible to introduce a lot more innovation into agriculture and to empower the youth to pursue entrepreneurship in the sector.

He revealed that empowering the youth in agriculture via innovation and entrepreneurship requires a holistic approach that addresses the modernization of agriculture, education, access to resources, policy support, and cultural attitudes.

He went on further by reiterating his point that by providing the necessary tools, knowledge, and opportunities, young people can become active contributors to a sustainable agricultural sector in Africa.

Also delivering the Keynote Speaker address, Mrs. Beatrice Jones-Mensah Tayui, Founder and CEO of Cybele Energy Global and Cybele Energy Ghana Limited, commended CEANA for the developmental projects initiated in Ewelands across Ghana and Togo, in addition to the high school classroom block currently under construction at Peki-Dzake and the other two projects earmarked for construction at Dodome Awiasu and Greater Kloto.

She also lauded the awarding of scholarships to needy students in Togo, Benin, and Ghana for over 30 years describing it as worthy of commendation.

Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Letsa spoke on the need for multi-stakeholder involvement in Ghana’s insatiable quest to build a resolute preventive healthcare system.

He dwelt on the lack of adequate modern educational resources necessary for the proper education of the youth of Eweland. He commended CEANA for its bold attempts to address some of the necessary needs of the Eweland.
He seized the occasion to invite all to the upcoming Volta Fair to be held at Ho from November 26th to December 10th, 2024.

CEANA President, Dr. Tsatsu E. Nyamadi, also delivered the State of CEANA address and congratulated all the 20 Ewe Associations for their unity, zeal, determination, and purpose that have kept the CEANA organization alive and thriving wonderfully all these years.

He also commended all the donors for the following projects that have been recently completed: a landmark Pedestrian foot bridge at Agordoe and a four (4) unit residential Nurses staff quarters at Adutor health Center, both in Ghana.
The president also noted that the CEANA scholarship to students in Ghana, Togo, and Benin every year has been one of the successful programs.

He revealed that over 300 scholarships have been awarded adding that one of the recipients of the scholarship, a female, was part of the engineers on the Agordoe bridge project.

Professor Lydia Aziato, Vice Chancellor of University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) spoke of the state of the university, its financial constraints and the needed support to serve a larger applicant pull.
Prof Aziato said CEANA can strive for a partnership with the University, which could inure huge benefits to the Eweland.
Togbe Agbelom, Chief of Salo also made a donation towards CEANA’s activities.
Members of Parliament present at the event were Emmanuel Bedzrah (Ho West), who doubles as the Chairman of the Volta Region Caucus in Parliament, Honorable Nelson-Rockson Dafeamekpor (South Dayi), Honorable Della Sowah (Kpando), and Honorable Joycelyn Tetteh (North Dayi). Honorable Kofi Attor, the Chief of Staff of the Speaker, was also in attendance.

Others were Honorable Winney Dogbatse, Mayor of Kpalime Togo, Honorable Adjo Agbaglo, Mayor of Kɔvie in Togo, the VDF Executive Director, Mr. Dan Agboka-Dzegede, as well as a representative of Agbesinyala Association of Benin.
At the end of the convention, the following resolutions/actions were adopted:

1. Approval of Ewe Association of Denver, as the host of the 2024 CEANA Convention.
2. Approval of the 2023/2024 Financial Budget.
3. Approval of the Ewe Association of Arizona as the 20th CEANA Member Association.
The event was attended by over one thousand (1,000) guests from the USA, Canada, Europe, Ghana, Togo, and Benin consisting of Members of all the twenty (20) constituent Associations of CEANA, including members of the newly admitted Ewe United Association of Arizona, graced the occasion.

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