2002 CEANA convention Communique

The Council of Ewe Association of North America (CEANA) held its 9th Annual Convention in Dallas, Texas from August 30th to September 2nd , 2002. The convention was one of the best organized and most heavily attended in the history of CEANA. The guest speaker, the Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Major Courage Quashigah (Rtd), addressed the convention on the development of Agriculture and Tourism in the Volta Region. He also presented proposals to the ouncil of Representatives of CEANA for the socio-economic development of Eweland. During the picnic on Sunday, September 1st, 2002, he performed cultural dances and played Ewe drums. He touched all participants with his, sincerity, love and respect for Ewes and Ewe culture. He was accompanied by his able and indefatigable personal assistance, Mr. Ferdinand Agbemadu and a Ministry attaché, Mr. Kodzo Dumenu. Dr. Kwame Ampofo, Member of Parliament (M.P.) for South Dayi Constituency also presented a comprehensive economic development proposal for his constituency. His approach to planning, growth and development serves as a good example for other constituencies to follow. Busines proposals for Eweland were also put forth with the hope of attracting potential investors Cultural drumming and dancing at the Convention were planned and performed by Professor Foli Alorwoyi.

During the Convention, the following decisions were made: * To hold a CEANA convention in Ghana in the year 2005.

* To award 5 scholarships to students in the Volta Region and to renew all 5 existing scholarships.

* To extend the Scholarship Program to the Republic of Togo in 2003.

* To establish an Advocacy Group for Eweland.

* To consider registering CEANA as a non-governmental agency (NGO) in Eweland.

* To send experts to Ghana to install the medical equipment acquired and shipped there in 2001.

* To upgrade CEANA’s website so as to attract corporate sponsors.

* To start aggressively enhancing and promoting Ewe culture in America so as to draw tourists to Eweland.

* To hold the next CEANA Convention, CEANA 2003, in Toronto, Canada.

Gordon M. K. Sabblah, The CEANA Secretariat, New York.

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