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2018Dr. Peter N. AbotchieEwe-Canadian Cultural Org of Ontario
2017Dr. Peter N. AbotchieUnited Volta Association, NY
2016Dr. Peter N. AbotchieEwe Alliance of USA, NJ
2015Dr. Peter N. AbotchieNovinyo Habobo of Delaware
2014Dr. Peter N. AbotchieEwe Association of Colorado
2013Mr. MacGeoffrey KutorEwe Association of Chicago
2012Dr. Peter N. AbotchieEwe Association of Houston
2011Mr. Kuesi Amegah-WovoeEwe-Canadian Cultural Org of Ontario
2010Mr. Edwin K. AgbonyitorVolta Association of Washington, DC
2009Mr. Samuel SapariEwe Association of Georgia, Atlanta
2008Mr. Samuel SapariEwe Association of Dallas, Texas
2007Mr. Wallace Setranah(Hosted in Ghana)
2006Mr. Wallace SetranahUnited Volta Association of New York
2005Mr. William AdzimaheVolta Association of Washington, DC
2004Dr. Mark KutameEwe Association of Chicago, Inc.
2003Mr. Kudjo DorkenooEwe-Canadian Cultural Org of Ontario
2002Mr. Fred NfodjoEwe Assocciation of Dallas, Texas
2001Dr. Yao Ababio/Seshie ArtieEwe Association of Houston
2000Mrs. Ama OclooEwe Habobo pf Southern California
1999Torgbi Kwaku YadorUnited Volta Association of New York
1998Mr. David AkuVolta Association of Washington, DC
1997Mr. Gustav QuistEwe-Canadian Cultural Org of Ontario
1996Mr. Kofi AfekuEwe Association of Georgia in Atlanta
1995Mr. Clement TimpoMilenovisi/Ewe Assoc of Chicago