CEANA 2019 Convention Communique

CEANA 2019 Convention Communique

The Council of Ewe Associations of North America (CEANA) held its 26th Annual Convention
from August 30th to September 1st, 2019, at the Crowne Plaza Executive Park Hotel in Charlotte,
North Carolina, USA, under the theme “The Role of Education in the Development of Eweland.“
The event was attended by an estimated one thousand guests from the USA, Canada, Europe,
Ghana, Togo and Benin.
The convention, hosted by the Ewe Association of Charlotte (EAC), one of the eighteen (18)
constituent associations of CEANA, opened on Friday, August 30th, with a board meeting of the
CEANA Council of Representatives (COR). Dr. Peter Nat Abotchie, the President of CEANA,
chaired this meeting. The morning’s business included a review of operations for the past year,
induction of a new association, approval of project reports, new high school scholarship
applications, financial report and budget, and election of new executives. Friday evening was a
cultural entertainment night, where well-choreographed cultural performances were put up by
the Volta Ensemble of Washington D.C., Divine Ladies of Grace from Charlotte and the youth
wing of the Ewe Association of Charlotte.
On Saturday morning, August 31st
, a procession of delegates and guests from the various
associations were ushered into a general conference, amidst jubilation and celebration. Dr.
John-Harold Ahiable, a professor of mathematics, was the first Speaker of the morning. He gave
a practical demonstration on teaching numeracy and mathematics in the Ewe language.
According to him, young children achieve a better grasp of mathematical concepts if they are
expressed in their first language and relate them to daily events at home. The second Speaker
was Professor Sylvanus Kwashie Kuwor, Head of Department of Dance Studies, School of
Performing Arts, University of Ghana. In a riveting presentation, he related Ewe drum language
to science and mathematics.
The Saturday evening showcased the unique culture of Eweland, with a procession of chiefs,
dignitaries and other traditional leaders from the USA, Canada, Togo, and Ghana. Among them
are Hon. Kofi Attor, vice chairman of NDC, who represented Former Ghanaian President John
Dramani Mahama with a message of solidarity; Mr. Anthony Klutsey, a civil engineering
contractor; Togbe Hotormaho Amedzake III of Abutia Traditional Area; and Togbui Gbewoaza I,
Ngoryifia of Afife Traditional Area and Nene Gagli III, Chief of Agotime Kpetoe. Dr. Komi S. Folly
delivered the keynote address. He dwelt on the lack of adequate modern educational resources
necessary for the proper education of the youth of Eweland. He appealed to Ewes in the
diaspora to support CEANA’s vision to upgrade educational infrastructure in the region.
As part of the activities, Dr. Peter Nat Abotchie, the outgoing CEANA President, delivered his
farewell address. He thanked the CEANA COR, as well as the leadership of the various
associations that hosted annual conventions under his six-year leadership. He recalled the fastpaced commitment with which his administration implemented seven development projects,
ranging from classroom buildings, health facilities, and medical equipment donations in various
communities across Eweland. He laid emphasis on CEANA’s commitment to implement
development projects in Togo as well as the expansion of CEANA’s high school scholarship
scheme to Togo and Benin.
Dr. Abotchie’s address drew attention to CEANA’s collaboration with the Civil Engineering
Department of Ho Technical University, led by Professor Emmanuel Afetorgbor, that has
facilitated the start of construction work on a footbridge across River Tordzie. The project is,
aimed at providing relief to the people of Agordoe (in the Akatsi District in Ghana) who have to
swim across the river daily to access Torve for school or Akatsi and beyond for health and other
essential services.
The CEANA president alluded to his vision and focus that have raised CEANA’s public profile
and resulted in the recruitment of 6 new associations under his leadership to increase CEANA’s
constituent membership to 18 Ewe associations across North America. He gave credit to the
more than the 15 committees that he formed and tasked along the way to help transform
CEANA’s administrative processes and ramp up its focus on fundraising and community
development projects. He further advised his former vice president, now the newly-elected
president, Dr. Tsatsu Nyamadi, to remain true to his vision for CEANA and to propel CEANA
forward, through working closely with members of the CEANA COR.
The annual fundraiser and solicitation for membership of the CEANA Star Fund Committee
drew contributions and pledges from guests in attendance. The evening was rounded off with
the induction of new Executives, and the official transfer of the mandate to host the next CEANA
Convention to the Ewe Association of Georgia, led by Mr. William Kumah who was sworn in as
the next 2nd Vice President of CEANA.
A well-attended non-denominational church service was held on Sunday morning. The service
was officiated by a team of clergy led by Rev. Martin Osae of Woodhaven Presbyterian Church,
Texas, Rev. Dr. Mawusi Akotia, Moderator of Eglise Evangélique Presbytérienne du Togo, and
Rev. Dr. Setorwu K. Ofori, Moderator of Global Evangelical Church, Ghana.
In the afternoon, the convention guests converged at the CEANA Convention Picnic, which
featured dishes from Eweland amid agbadza and borborbor music and dances. Sunday evening
was crowned with “Mise Gli Loo”, a rendition of a cultural pastime of evening story-telling.
On Monday, September 2nd, 2019, convention delegates and guests departed to their various
home destinations across North America, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Europe with a renewed
sense of unity, friendship and purpose.
Mr. Steve Dei and Mr. Mawuli Agbenu were the masters of ceremony for the convention
programs. Sponsorship, media, video and photography coverage were provided by Sankofa
Media of Chicago and Benny’s Photography of East Hartford, Connecticut.
The following resolutions/actions were adopted at the CEANA board meeting:
1. Approval of scholarship awards for qualified high school students upon receipt of vetted
applications in Ghana, Togo and Benin.
2. Commission of new development projects in Ghana and Togo.
3. Induction of Columbus Ewe Haborbor of Ohio, into CEANA.
4. Approval of Ewe Association of Georgia, as the host of the 2020 CEANA Convention.
5. Induction of the following newly-elected Executives: Dr. Tsatsu Nyamadi (President),
Mr. Prince Kofi Gbeklui (1st Vice President), Mr. William Kumah (2nd Vice President),
Dr. Christian Tettey (Director of Administration), Ms. Mary Narnor (Secretary), Mrs.
Florence Ayimey-Lokko (Financial Controller) and Mr. Patrick Adzadu (Public Relations
On behalf of the CEANA Secretariat and CEANA COR, the new president of CEANA, Dr.
Tsatsu Nyamadi, congratulated the delegates, guests, and the Ewe Association of Charlotte
for making CEANA 2019 a success.
The following are acknowledged for their invaluable contributions to the cultural performance
throughout the convention; Volta Ensemble of Washington DC Metro Area, led by Dr.
Faustina Quist, for performances; Nene Gagli III, Chief of Agotime Kpetoe for sponsoring
the ‘Kete’ (Kente) costumes for the Ensemble; and Professors Foli Alorwoyi, Elikem
Nyamuame and Sylvanus Kuwor for performances. Special appreciation goes to the
outgoing 2nd Vice-President of CEANA, Mr. Cyrille Kwami Ahovi, and the 2019 Convention
Planning Committee and subcommittees.
CEANA Secretariat

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