The Ewe Churches In Washington Metro Area Celebrate Second Unification Service.

The Ewe community churches in the Washington Metro area for the second time held a unification church service as a prelude to bringing all the Ewe churches together to maximize their resources judiciously for the spiritual, social and economic wellbeing of its members. The churches that are get clothed in unification are; The Ewe church of America, The Universal Evangelical church, and the Evangelical Presbyterian church of America.

In his welcome address pastor Newman Artcher, thanked all those who have taken their time to make to this epoch making event. He noted the unification work is a work of God being done through humans and whoever wants to stand in Gods way should go ahead and do so. He pointed out the door to join this unification process is still opened for those who have not yet made up their minds.

The tone for the occasion was set by a trio of singers from Agape ministries who thrilled members to melodious gospel music to the admiration of all

In his sermon, Rev. Kennedy Odzafi, who will celebrate his thirty years as a pastor in two weeks spoke on a number of issues. He pointed out our lives should be modeled on that of Christ and we should be seen in action more than in words. He asked that we should let other see the Christian in us than seeing us as Presbyterians, Catholics etc. Touching on the work of Paul, Rev Odzafi noted Paul stressed so much on unity of the Christian group and that is what we are all trying to do by coming together and building one big united church. He admonished congregants to look more to Christ than to the pastors because the only one who opened his arms on the cross was Christ and not any pastor. He called on members to eschew greed, backbiting, and gossip and be vehicle of assistance to others.

The youth took center stage to present their message to the rest of the community is song ministry. They were joined in the song ministry by the rest as they called for all to listen to the voice of God.

In a separate presentation, Rev. Kennedy Odzafi asked members to avail themselves to the social, economic, and health services available in the community. He took the opportunity to once again remind members of the benefits of the Affordable Act and upcoming enrolment of November 1 2016.

In his closing address, the moderator of the unification efforts, pastor Newman Artcher informed members that work will be intensified in the coming months to make this project happen. Visits will be made to the churches and questions about issues bothering members will be answered. He also took the opportunity to introduce some members of the unification committee to the rest of the congregation. Present at the function were Reverend Kennedy Odzafi of the Ewe church of America, Rev. Dr. Peter Agbelie and bishop-elect of the Universal Evangelical church, Pastor Newman Artcher, Charles Gbedemah, William Adzimahe, the executive director of CEANA, and Chris Nuworsoo President of the Volta Association of Washington DC Metro.

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