Volta Association In Washington DC Acquires A Bus

The Volta Association of Washington DC Metro Inc., an association that is made up of Ewe speaking people from Ghana, Togo and Benin, acquired bus from the Maryland transportation Authority to help in its charity work for the Ewe community and the larger community.

In a dedication service held at the Ewe church of America, in Spencerville Maryland, the Rev. Kennedy Odzafi observed that it is time the community comes together for the common good of its members. The bus is therefore one of the links by which such unity can be attained and sustained. He advised that care should be taken in making sure that this bus is used judiciously, and efficiently.

The Rev Wurapa who dedicated the bus in a short ceremony, asked God’s blessing and guidance for the safe operation of the bus.

Present at the ceremony were; Rev Dr. Peter Agbelie; Chris Nuworsoo (president of the Volta Association), William Adzimahe, (Former executive director of CEANA), Pastor Newman Artcher (chairman of unification committee), Mr. William Ayenson, Mr. Gbesemete, Chuks Salakpi,

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