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The Council of Ewe Associations of North America, bearing in mind the overwhelming educational need in Eweland, decided at its annual conference in Los Angeles in September 2000 to adopt and embrace an Educational Scholarship Program to support the efforts of the parents of Senior Secondary School wards at home. The popular notion of sources of scholarships is that they accrue from large reserves of money donated by philanthropists. The CEANA scholarship is markedly different from this notion. It is rather based on the monthly donation of one dollar each from hardworking Ewes in North America. Our belief is that it is better for one of the best of us to be saved than for all of us to perish.
The CEANA Scholarship is borne of goodwill, determination, commitment, dedication, hard work and love for motherland – Eweland. We hope that its recipients accept and treat it as such.

Aims and Objectives of the CEANA Scholarship

(a) To promote healthy academic competition among school-going Ewe youths.
(b) To give financial assistance to the poor but hard working and brilliant final year students of the following intermediate national schooling structure:
i. Junior Secondary Schools in the Ghana educational system,
ii. College Schools in the Togo educational system
iii. College Schools in the Benin educational system
(c) The scholarship is intended to cover the three year pre-university schools of each nation’s educational structure below and will be adjusted to cover the corresponding number of years in case the school’s duration or structure changes in the future.
i. Senior Secondary School or equivalent academic Vocational/Technical institution in the Ghana educational system.
ii. Lycée Schools or equivalent academic Vocational/Technical institution in the Togo educational system.
iii. Lycée Schools or equivalent academic Vocational/Technical institution in the Benin educational system.


CEANA Scholarship is a merit-based educational assistance program established by the Council of Ewe Associations of North America (CEANA) to provide financial assistance to deserving senior high school students in Ghana, Togo and Benin. The scholarship which has operated since the year 2000 offers individual awards for a maximum of 3 years subject to annual renewal. Applicants shall
a) Have enrolled in a public senior high school in Eweland (Ewe-speaking areas, including the Volta Region of Ghana)
b) Have attended a public junior high school or equivalent in Eweland
c) Have demonstrated merit through academic achievement, leadership and community activities
d) Maintain good grades while in the program
e) Submit scholarship application material through the respective CEANA Scholarship country coordinators