CEANA Convention Themes

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2015        “Creating Investment Opportunities and Human Capital Development in Eweland”

 2014     Ewe dukoafenyonyoekam (The development of Eweland is my responsibility, my business

2013       “Building Educational Infrastructure for the youth, women’s health and nutrition in Eweland”

2012        “Youth education and Entrepreneurship: The Engine for the Economic Empowerment of Eweland.”

2011        “Empowering Women through Education”.

2010      “Employing Education and Business Investment as Instruments for Developing Eweland.”

2009        Tertiary Education in Eweland- Focusing on Support for E.P. University and Equipping Secondary Schools with digital library

2008         “Tertiary Education in Eweland – Focusing on: 1) Development of Technology 2)     Mobilization of Human Resources 3) Support of Infrastructure Projects”.

2007        “Educational Development in Eweland: Focusing on Infrastructure Development”

2006        “Educational Development in Eweland: Focusing on Infrastructural Development.”