The Council Of Ewe Associations Of North America

A Non-Profit, Non-Political, Benevolent, Socio-Cultural Organization Of All Ewes  






Mama Dze (Elizabeth Torgbe)
(917) 569-8960

Became a member of the association in May 2003 after visiting one of their meetings in December 2002. She became a member because of the great love and sense of belonging she felt among the members. She liked how the members demonstrated and took care of each other during sad and happy times which became reality to her when her mother passed away. Members go out of their way to help one another.

Elizabeth Torgbe is also the Queen mother of Amanfrom in the    Aveme Traditional area in the Volta Region. She is the founder and President of Mama Dze Dunyo Foundation in Ghana with the goal of educating every child in her home town and surrounding villages. She worked hand in hand with the executives of the Association to send various items to support villages in Eweland. She was appointed as a Council of Representative (COR) member in 2009 during the Atlanta CEANA convention and has been attending every CEANA convention ever since. In June 2013, she was elected as the first female President of Ewe Alliance of USA Inc.

As a leader her wish is to bring all the people from Eweland in New Jersey together to promote its culture and to help their present community. She believes collectively, and in Unity the group can provide assistance to the underprivileged in Eweland. She is optimistic that, the association can achieve any set goals if they work together in Unity as our slogan says… Unity is Strength.






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