The Ewe Union in Hamburg celebrated their 25th anniversary in style, the exceptional event took place on Saturday, the 11th of June 2016 at the auditorium of the Technical University in Hamburg Berliner Tor. The silver celebration was attended by all Ewe Unions in Germany.

The well attended occasion, had several groups performing, drumming and dancing to beautiful ewe music, showcasing rich ewe cultural traditions. Different kinds of Agbadza and Boborbor dance was on display. The Okwahuman & Ga-Dangme Communities of Hamburg did not only dance to some beautiful Ghanaian songs but donated undisclosed sums of money in support of their colleagues.

The Ewe (Eʋeawó literally means Ewe People) are the ethnic group located in the Volta region of Ghana, the southern Togo and Republic of Benin. Their local language spoken is Eʋegbe and essentially, a patrilineal people. However, the unique characteristics of Ewes: They are tolerant, reserved, well educated, and able to learn vocational trades and specialized in handling adverse situations peacefully. Extended families is one of the most aspect of Ewe social life and have never supported a hierarchical concentration of power within a large state. The Ewes wear Kente as their traditional clothe.

A delegation from Ghana, led by the former Minister of Transport of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs. Attivor Dzifa, the first Ghanaian to resign a ministerial position voluntarily and the deputy Volta Regional Minster, Mr. Francis Komla Ganyeglo were at the event to support their brethren.

As typical of politicians, they took the opportunity to inform the gathering of the achievements of the President Mahama led government, mostly in the Volta Region of Ghana. However, the deputy minister admitted that upon arrival in Germany, and seeing the road network, “oh yes we have more to do as a people”, he said.

Unfortunately most often we try to drive African representatives on European tours around in the few best cars we have!!! This is wrong and must cease, we must take the busses, trams and trains with them. A few might be motivated to start rethinking by exposing them to the true state of the transportation and road network in Germany.

The Ambassador of Ghana to Germany, Her Excellency Akua Sena Dansua in her key note address in her native Ewe language challenged Ewes and Ghanaians in general to take education, especially that of the youth and vocational skills seriously. She encouraged Ghanaians at the gathering to advice their relatives to avoid violence during the incoming general elections to be held in Ghana.

The ambassador admitted that though Ghanaians make up the first batch of Africans to come to Germany, they are non-relevant where it matters most in the Germany society. The observation by Her Excellency was absolutely correct…

In Germany nothing happens from doing nothing! No individual Ghanaian can come that far without the support of the community. To provoke positive change and influence needs the assistance of influential individuals and governmental -/ambassadorial backing. It calls for well-defined goals, strategic planning and above all, specific sustainable measures.

Mr. Johannes Kahrs, (SPD) Federal Member of Parliament -Germany, who has been very supportive to the social prosperity of Africans in Hamburg, challenged the African community to do more and take advantage of the existing organizations. He also pledge to assist the African community as long as he can.

Mr. Daniel Torkornoo, President of Ewe Dukor Germany and Mamaga Ngoyinyanufiaga of Sasadu Traditional Area, of the Volta Region of Ghana, Mr. Brown Dumashie, founder of the Ewe Union Hamburg, Togbui Avanyo, president of the Ewe Union Hamburg made short speeches at the occasion.

They all reminded the participants, especially those from Eweland not to forget their birth roots and therefore urged them to contribute meaningfully to the development of their hometowns.

Special dignitaries to grace the occasion included, Mr. Jan Porksen, Deputy Senator of Works, Integration and Social Welfare –Hambug, Mrs. Dikenou, wife of Togo Ambassador to Germany, Dr. Kingsley Dokyi, Dr. Rolland Tetteh Doku, Mr. Frank Heinrich, Mrs. Sylvaina Gerlich, Dr. Koffi Lolo, Elder David S. Henemi –SDA Church, Irene Appiah –SPD, Togbui Antoinette Bosco, Togbui Adraki and Togbui Ahaho.

The planning committee, and organizers must be commended for an excellent job, there was enough drink and food to eat, however a few organizational challenges typical of big events were noticeable. The party loving Ghanaians were extremely unhappy with the organizers, the event has to end at 12 midnight. The AfterParty could not take place.

The moderator Mr. Ashley of Berlin and his assistance did a wonderful job, they took their time to make short translations in English for non-ewe speaking invited guest.

The Ewe Community in Hamburg, wishes to express their sincere gratitude to all invited guest, Ga-Dangme community of Hamburg, Okwahuman Union –Hamburg. Ewe Unions from Bremen, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin, Oberhausen, Munich and Nürnberg.

The 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Ewe Community in Hamburg was fantastically superb.

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